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Praveen Kailas is a longtime enthusiast of audio/visual work and modern electronics. He primarily has experience on the user side of audio/visual implementation, and this experience comes not only from personal endeavors but from professional work in home construction, energy efficiency projects, and home automation.

Praveen’s first experience in the audio/visual field was back in the late 1990s, when he began wiring systems and gaining some experience in home automation (including the control of security measures or lighting). Although he primarily studied psychology and business in school, he quickly realized that he enjoyed these technical projects as well. Now Praveen continues to configure these options through the use of apps, wiring of commercial buildings, and more.

In addition to home automation, Praveen loves to improve his own understanding of audio and visual tools. He has experience with various types of speakers, receivers, and subwoofers. He explores AVS forums to learn more about the topic and some of his favorite brands are Marantz, Sony, and Pioneer. Praveen also likes to support smaller internet companies which are making some of the most exciting headway in the industry.

The quality of audio and visual content that can be put on the Internet is improving while requiring less and less bandwidth. Praveen follows the evolution of audio quality to ensure that he is utilizing and installing the best options possible. Back in the 1990s CDs were the pinnacle of audio quality, and then the trend of ripping CDs to MP3s unfortunately ended up sacrificing a lot of this quality. Now, as more high-quality streaming services become available online and we have more platforms to choose from, audio quality is becoming better than it has been in years.

In addition to electronics, home automation, and audio improvements, Praveen loves visual forms of media– and the technological progress that has improved their overall quality. He enjoys watching movies with family and friends, especially now that screening services are getting more advanced. One of his favorite movies of all time is Kingdom of Heaven, but he’s also a big fan of movies that are inspired by comic books.

Praveen’s favorite superhero movie is The Avengers and he is excited to see the revitalization of superhero stories in pop culture nowadays. From the many Marvel and DC Comics movies that have recently been released, to the increasing popularity of industry entertainment events like Comic-Con, superhero entertainment is clearly in a second golden age.